Automotive Advertising


Standard Motor Products

This pocket knife was made by Bassett. It has a knife blade, combination bottle opener screw driver and a nail file. It dates to the late 1960's.  On the protector part it has "Standard Motor Products; Salem, Mass; PI 4 -3747" inscribed on it. This business was located at 283 Derby St.


Star Rambler Inc.


This lighter was manufactured by Direct in Japan. It was made for Star Rambler Inc. The front side has the company logo the reverse has their address 17 Canal St. Salem, Mass as well as their phone number.


Salem Auto Spring Service

This is a 1980 calendar from Salem Auto Spring Service. The main picture on it is a clipper ship. The calendar is partially used. It says Salem Auto Spring Service "over 50 years of service" Their telephone number, them Allied Auto Body Co. and their address 60 Rear Bridge St.