Bank Advertising


Salem Five Cents Savings

Salem Five is the last remaining Salem bank. This calendar is from 1950 it came with an envelope attached for you to put some coins in to save to open an account with. The calendar portion had September through December left intact.


Naumkeag Trust Company

This John F. Kennedy Bust bank was given out by The Naumkeag Trust Company bank after his death to new account openers. It was made by Banthrico of Chicago, Illinois and is made of pot metal.

This vintage Ford Car bank was produced by Banthrico of Chicago, Illinois in the late 1960's or early 1970's. The top of the car says For All Your Banking needs Naumkeag Trust Company Salem, Massachusetts Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp "Serving the North Shore Since 1803"


In the 1970's the Naumkeag Trust Company had these key "vaults" made to advertise their bank. It features a gold embossed depiction or their last logo.


We have several promotional calendars from the Naumkeag Trust Company, these three are the only complete unused examples we have. They are from 1945, 1963 and 1974. They have depictions of some of the great trading vessels of Salem's history. Under the pictures they have a bit of information about the bank and the reverse side has information about the ship depicted on the front.



Salem Savings Bank

The Salem Savings Bank which used to have their main branch at 125 Washington St. (Which is now the Eastern Bank) had these lighters made in the 1960's. It was made by Barlow in Japan. it has never been used. The front has the logo of the bank.


Roger Conant Co-Operative Bank

Roger Conant Co-Operative bank was located on the corner of Washington and Church streets. It later changed names to Heritage Co-Op, and later became SalemFive. This pencil was produced in the 1980's. Their slogan was Save first then spend.


Asiatic National Bank

The Asiatic National Bank eventually became the Salem Savings Bank. They were located at 125 Washington St. These calendars were produced in the early 1900's as a useful form of advertising. the two pictured are from 1903 and 1904.  They have both been used and feature paintings of some of Salem's great sailing vessels.