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When the US goes to war  myriad types of items are  made for home use to show your support for your soldier and your country. These are the items made for this purpose.

During World War II Whittemore & Co. of Attleboro, Massachusetts made this piece of sweetheart jewelry. It has the Yankee Division Patch and 102nd FA DUI. it is about 3/8th of an inch big.



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After World War I New England celebrated the homecoming of their troops. This is an inch and a quarter pin back  button with a suspended bullet with the YD. the Button says Welcome Home Fighting 26th.


This is another variation of the  World War I Welcome Home button.


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Another piece to help welcome the doughboys home they had made a variation of son in service flags. They took son in service flags and printed welcome Home 26th! in black print.


This is a Salem War Chest pin. It either dates to the Spanish American War or World War I.




During World War I the Local Salem Knights of Columbus held their own war fund drive, this is a button you got for a donation.


In 1947 St. Joseph's Catholic Church erected a memorial to their WWI and WWII soldiers, This fob was created to commemorate the dedication of the memorial.



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This is a General John J. "Blackjack" Pershing cast iron moneybox type bank.


During World War II the city of Salem, Massachusetts had these badges produced for civil defense air raid wardens and city officials. The city of Salem does not know to whom this badge was issued.



During the Gulf War of 1990-91the Valley Forge Flag Company produced this 3 X 5 flag for Americans to show their support for the troops.


This is a Sweetheart Pillowcase from the US Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois.



This is an ugly piece of sweetheart jewelry, It appears to be made from a 102nd Field Artillery Insignia pin. It has both a pin back and a suspension ring, so it could be worn as a pin or pendant. It measures approximately three inches in diameter.


This is a pennant for the USS Salem. It is from the 1930's through the 1950's. It was made either for the decommissioning of the CL-3 in 1929, the launching of the CA-139 in 1949 or the decommissioning of CA-139 in 1959.




This is a sweetheart bracelet, featuring from left to right the DUI's of the 13th. Infantry - 243rd. Coastal Artillery - 118th. Engineer Regiment - 130th. Infantry - 102nd. Field Artillery Regiment.