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This is the repository for all things that are uncategorizeable.

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Upon the close of World War I The 102nd Field Artillery had lapel pins made for the men for civilian wear. it was made by Disanza of New York

This is a World War II era miniature screw back lapel pin.



Close-Up of Engraving


 This is a trench art desk set. It was made for or by a soldier in Battery C 102nd Regiment Field Artillery American Expeditionary Force. Inscribed on the crossed  sabers are USA and AEF. 


This is a pin from the Salem, Massachusetts Coast Guard Air Station. It measures 1 inch by 3/4 of an inch and is modeled after their last generation station patch. It dates from the 1960's as the station closed in 1970.




This is a piece of teak decking from the USS Salem CA-139. It was laid in either 1946 or 47 and was removed during restoration in 2007. It approximately 14 inches by 4 inches and has a certificate of authenticity from the museum to state it is in fact from the ship.

This is a Korean War Era Nylon 33" X 22" Flag. This was brought home by a veteran. There are a few holes an tears.




This flag was flown by a Marine in Fallujah, Iraq in 2007. It is accompanied by photos of the camp and a letter detailing the flag flying.



This flag and the accompanying card were handed out along the funeral precession route for Sgt. James A Ayube, II. He died in combat in Afghanistan on December 8, 2010.




This Star was cut from a worn out US flag. It was made into a commemorative piece for Sgt. James A. Ayube, II.


This is a Guidon from 1st Battalion, 102nd Field Artillery Regiment, Battery C. It dates from WWII or to the 1950's.