Miscellaneous Advertising



Salem Glass and Aluminum Co.

This pocket mirror was manufactured in the early 1900's. It advertises the Salem Glass and Aluminum Company. The company used to be at 111 Canal Street.



The Plant Lady Flower Market

The Plant Lady Flower Market used to be located at 288 Derby St (which is now the Salem Wax Museum). This keychain is made of rubber and was manufactured in the 1980's.



William G. Webber Company

The William G. Webber Company was founded in 1885 Most likely on Essex St. This button hook bares the company name and was patented December 11, 1894, it's made of Steel.


Silver's Supply Company

This six inch ruler was made to promote Safe Tee Flex gas range connections. It also promotes Silver's Supply Co. of Salem, Mass which were distributors of the product. On the reverse side it has a six inch ruler as well as a gauge to measure the diameter of pipes. It is made of a chip board type material.



Candlepin Lanes

The ashtray has the following printed on it: "PL4 3954"(sic) "Complements or Candlepin Lanes Bowl for Health & Pleasure 18 Broadway Salem, Mass."

This is a league jacket from Candlepin Lanes. the front has the owners first name on the chest.

This bowling shirt was donated by the owner. It was from when he bowled on the WCBC Pro tour out of the Caldlepin Lanes.