Miscellaneous Business



Salem Gas Light Company

This Identification card belonged to William Bilicky when he worked for the Salem Gas Light Co.




Salem Lead Company

This is a small tin case with a label for the Salem Lead Company. the front of the box has embossed on it National Lead Co. Boston, Manufacturers of Pure White Lead by the Old Dutch Process. the back features the dutch boy logo. The booklet gives you in information on mixing your own paint. there are also several paint chips and instruction on the reverse side of how to mix them.




Salem Laundry Company

This is a wood and metal clothing hanger. it was produced for the Salem Laundry Company.




Parker Brothers

This promotional jar was made for Parker Brother for Christmas of 1987. The other side of the jar has Rich Uncle Pennybags holding a Christmas stocking



Paul B. Patten Blacksmith

This is a framed sign for an exit to fire escape and advertising Paul B Patten, Machinist, Blacksmith and Builder of Fire Escapes, Etc. It was made between 1880 and 1910.



Snowcrest Beverages

This bottle dates to 1915