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Police Officer used items

The collection has been fortunate enough to either buy or receive items that have been used by members of the Salem Police Department.

  1. Police patch circa 1980's it was warn by retired Captain John Jodoin, he served from 1980-2010.

  2. Salem Auxiliary Police badge number 111. This style of badge was used during World War II. They were issued to air raid wardens of the civil defense force. This gave them the authority to conduct their business.

  3. Salem Special Police Badge number 94. This style of badge was issued in the 1950's and 1960's. They were issued to retired officers as well as store detectives. This practice has since been abandoned.

  4. Salem Police Mini Badge. Used up into the mid 1980's.

  5. Police Dress Coat Buttons. These buttons date to the 1950's and were worn by Jack Powers.




Salem Police Department "Challenge" Coin





Chief of Police Note Card





1960 Dog License Tag



1968-1980 Dog License Tag Collection



Essex County Court House Brass Tags