Other Souvenirs



Custard Glass Toothpick Holder

This toothpick holder was manufactured between 1890-1920's. The item measures almost 2 inches high and one and five eighths inches in diameter. An interesting fact about custard glass is that is glows green under black light.



Jar of Twigs from Gallows Hill

This jar of twigs was produced in 1999. It has a card attached that attests that the twigs inside are indeed from a tree on Gallows Hill, the purported location of the hangings in the Salem Witch Trials.



Salem Nautical Chart Stone Coasters

These are a modern souvenir is produced by Screencraft Tileworks of Providence, Rhode Island. They have on them a nautical chart of Salem Harbor. They were retailed by Bernard's Jewelers in Salem.



Haunted Happenings Costume Blood

This two ounce bottle of costume blood was on sale during Haunted Happenings 2008. It was manufactured by Tropical Products in Salem.




Glass Paperweight

This paperweight is made of glass and has a picture pasted to the bottom side. The picture is of a witch on broom flying over some buildings and the words Salem 1692.