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St. John the Baptist School Eighth Grade


Class of 1923


Class of 1930



Class of 1952


Class of 1955


Class of 1964


St. John the Baptist First Communion


Class of 1947


Class of 1950



Class of 1959


Class of 1961





First Holy Mass of Rev. Louis S Bilicky


From Left to right: Rev. Stanislaw Sypek, Rev. Ladislaus Sikora, Rev. Thaddeus Saja, Rev. Louis Bilicky, Rev. Joseph Lukas and Rev. Walter Sstokłosa Outside St. John the Baptist Church

  Rev. Bilicky Giving Communion


Priests Entering the Church

  Rev. Ladislaus Sikora, Rev. Thaddeus Saja, Rev. Louis Bilicky  and rev. Joseph Lucas sitting during Mass

View of the Church During Mass    



April Council of Salem Superior Court 1909



Civil War Veterans at Monument Unveiling

Photo shows Members of the 23rd Mass Volunteer Militia Company F: S.H. Edgert, Private Herbert Eugene Valentine, Sergeant David B. Wallis (Incorrectly labeled Wallace), Corporal Josiah M Crocker and Thomas S. Swasey, Jr. in front of the Regimental memorial on Winter Street in Salem, Massachusetts.




Portraits of Firemen Taken by Salem Photographers


Photo taken by Moody Studios
Circa 1920's


Battalion Chief
Photo taken by Hussy Studios
Circa 1880's




Identified as Frank Vickery
Photo taken by Haswell
Circa 1900's





Stereoscopic Card

Second Baptist Church card number 8 of the set Stereoscopic views of Salem and its vicinity