Political Ephemera



Common Council Palm Cards (pre 1918)




William H Bates Special Election Postcard (1950)

This is from Congressman Bates's campaign for the seat opened up by the death of his father George, it is from 1950.




George J. Bates Congressional Palm Card (1936)

This is from Mayor Bates's first congressional election in 1936.




Democratic "Ticket" (1960)

This palm card features three "prominent" Democrat candidates running for office, John F. Kennedy for President John McCormack for Attorney General and Salem resident Thanneus Buczko for Representitive.




William H. Bates for Congress Flyer (1964)



Kim Driscoll for Mayor Flyer (2005)

This is from Mayor Driscoll's first election for Mayor, it is signed sorry I missed you, Kim.




Dolan for Mayor Car Flag (1961)



Francis X. Collins for Mayor Flyer (1951)



Samuel F. Hyland for Mayor Flyer (1953)





Mike Bencal Invitation to Councilor at large Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser




Stanley Usovicz For Councilor at Large Flyer